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Open safely with our AI-enabled decision-support system

Predict and mitigate COVID-19 transmission risk in your workplace

Lanthorn.ai is an AI-enabled video analytics solution to support data-driven decision making.

Whether you are a corporate space, a fulfillment center, a recreational venue, or an educational facility, you can use Lanthorn.ai to ensure the health and safety of your people.

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Private. Secure. Open Source

Anonymous data dashboard
Edge Deploy
Data remains in your organization
Open Core
Open source computer vision engine 

Calculate Your Company’s Risk Score

Use our risk calculator to get a free risk assessment as well as a health and safety plan tailored to your unique environment. Our plan is generated using the most up-to-date CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of the environments you manage.

Share this plan with your occupants such as your employees and customers to better inform them about how well you are mitigating the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

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Video Analytics to enable safer return-to-work and travel

BBC Click recently featured Lanthorn.ai as one of the innovative solutions that can be deployed to mitigate COVID-19 exposure while ensuring security and privacy. Click is the BBC's main technology show since 2000.
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"Neuralet can compute a region for safe distancing and let a user know if social distance isn't being maintained. The best part is this is done without any sort of facial recognition or tracking, with Coral we can accomplish this in real-time in a privacy preserving manner."
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"The team at Galliot was awarded the Jetson Project of the Month for their ”Smart Social Distancing with AI” application."
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Lanthorn Perception

Lanthorn Perception is an AI engine that automatically detects people’s location, compliance with social distancing guidelines, face mask, or any other PPE usage. Perception uses existing monitoring cameras to gather data, which it stores for further analysis and modeling. Perception is part of Lanthorn’s suite of solutions and acts primarily as a data harvester. 

Our team at Lanthorn created Perception with your security in mind. Perception relies on our open source algorithm and stores the data it gathers on-site using edge computing. 


Lanthorn Insight

Lanthorn Insight is a data analytics solution that reports metrics such as the distance between people, their mask usage, and high traffic areas through the creation of risk maps and charts. Data used in this process is not limited to data harvested by the Perception engine. Other data sources, including data from the government or other health institutions, are also incorporated into our analysis.

Insight can also send custom notifications and alerts to those in charge of your businesses health and safety. Insight’s actionable results help decision makers understand the risk to occupants and take preventative measures to mitigate those risks.



Social Distancing, Occupancy, and Mask Detection
Turn your existing cameras into Smart Cameras. Automatically detect and notify decision makers of hotspots so they can react and reduce the  risk of COVID-19  to their employees and customers.
Works with existing cameras (no new hardware).
No code and easy to use dashboard.
1-day Implementation.
Runs on Edge or Cloud.
Blurring feature to minimize privacy concerns.
Commercial support and implementation services.

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